Testimonials : resources

Here we include some patient experiences with their shoulder problems and treatment they have gone through. 

Rotator cuff tear and Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 


I had a bad fall, injured my right shoulder and was told nothing was broken it was just badly bruised. However, as time went on I couldn’t sleep, had limited movement, muscle wasting and couldn’t drive: my right arm was useless and panic was setting in!

Then, as often the case, a chance conversation and remark that proves pivotal; ‘You need to see Mr Brooksbank at Ross Hall, he’s one of the best, if not the best.’

I approached Mr Brooksbank, he diagnosed a rotator cuff tear and recommended surgery immediately. Now some months post-surgery I have full freedom of movement with my strength returning. His support throughout has been exceptional, including, monitoring my progress and exercise with his appointed physiotherapist.  

This is a remarkable success given the massive extent of the injury – words really can’t express my gratitude. I dread to think the outcome had I not had the benefit of Mr Brooksbank’ expertise. He gave me great confidence through a very difficult time and I can’t thank him enough; a true professional. I would highly recommend Mr Brooksbank.  


Again thank you Mr Brooksbank for everything.